Drafting ruling requests, voluntary disclosures and appeals – international

I have strong analytical and written communication skills, which I hope are evident in the articles on this website. The basic rules for valuation, origin, tariff classification and free trade agreements are the same everywhere. Working with a local professional such as a customs broker, I am pleased to help anyone in the world draft a ruling request, voluntary disclosure or appeal in English.

I also have strong intermediation skills, developed in over 30 years of sales tax and customs practice. These skills are useful in negotiating the resolution of a dispute between a client and a customs authority.

Customs training and ongoing support for Canadian importers

Many Canadian importers, including large ones, rely heavily on their customs brokers to prepare their declarations of tariff classification, valuation and origin . This often works well; however, the broker can only deal with the information provided. His or her main job is to obtain release at the border, not to ask probing questions. Incomplete or inaccurate information can lead to delays at the border, penalties, assessments and occasionally denial of release. We provide the training and ongoing support that allows the person responsible for customs to provide more accurate information and, if they wish, to draft the customs declarations themselves.

General Services

We provide the following general customs and trade services:

  • Review certifications and documentation of origin under free trade agreements.
  • Review the tariff classification and valuation of exports and imports.
  • Appeals of penalties and assessments of duties and taxes.
  • Assistance with customs audits.
  • Assistance with origin verifications by foreign customs authorities.